The Power of Touch

The antidote to physical and mental ailments, relationship difficulties or stressful days can be found in the power of touch. According to Cathy Ulrich, a bodywork and massage professional, “touch is as essential to human survival as is food”. The necessity of the power of touch and its healing capabilities are illustrated across the globe, every […]

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

You may have heard of the term Complementary and Alternative Therapies before. At the most basic level, Complementary and Alternative Therapies are typically used with the intention of helping to treat (or cure) a health condition. The NCI splits the definition of these two terms: Complementary therapies are forms of treatment that are used in addition […]

Tips and Advice for Managing Stress

Stress is the term used to describe how we feel when we are faced with difficult, unforeseen or dangerous circumstances. The causes of stress vary significantly and are dependent on each individual and their economic and personal circumstances.