Benefits of Having a Facial Massage

Facial massage is now a popular treatment for both health and beauty reasons. Not only does it make skin glow and radiate with health, but it can also make us feel good. Below we explore the many benefits of facials. 1. Boost circulation One of the biggest benefits of having a facial massage is that […]

How a Spa Break Can Help Strengthen Your Relationship

You might be tempted to assume that a couple’s spa day is just an opportunity for you and your partner to enjoy treatments such as massages and facials. These are, of course, something to get excited about – but they’re not the only benefit that you and your other half stand to gain. Instead, you […]

The Best Spa Treatments for Footballers

With the football season comes the threat of injury and exhaustion. In the English men’s football league alone there are more than 7,000 football teams – that’s tens of thousands of players who are pushing themselves on the pitch every week and leaving themselves vulnerable to pulled muscles and sprained limbs. The health benefits of […]

How Massage Can Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of daily life, from a stay at home parent to a CEO! But there are plenty of types of massage available to help you deal with stress and emotional wellbeing. Taking the time out for a short massage or full spa day can reduce stress when you leave the spa. […]

Three Reasons to Squeeze in a Spa Break Before Your Wedding

It might feel like you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm in those precious weeks before your wedding. This doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in a small spa break though! While you might be under the impression that a spot of pampering can wait until after your big day, in actual […]

Friendship Goals: Why Should You Visit a Spa with Your Mates?

Going to a spa or treatment alone can seem daunting, but that’s why we love going with friends! Spas are becoming more popular as a way to spend time together while experiencing health and well-being benefits. 1. Cost effective Most spas will offer special rates and packages for two or more people, and combined with […]

Why a Massage is Essential for Your Fitness Journey

Whether you’re training for a big race or just hitting the weights to get your body in peak physical condition, exercise can take a massive toll on your body. It’s important to look after your muscles so that you can keep pushing your body to its limits without causing any long term damage; one way […]