Why Mindfulness is the Ultimate Spa Treatment

Mindfulness is the new buzz word. Open any magazine or go to any lifestyle website and you’ll see reasons why you should be engaging in the practice of mindfulness in your everyday life. And whilst it’s easy to dismiss these thoughts, you might discover you need mindfulness more than you think. Here are just a few […]

Why a Day at the Spa is Not Just for Special Occasions

In our busy, frantic lives, a trip to the spa might seem to be a time luxury we cannot afford. However, using a spa as part of our wellbeing and health regime will far outweigh any time concerns that we might have. The benefits of a spa to our lives are enormous. Aside from the […]

Stuck for Gift Ideas? Get Them a Spa Break!

Whatever the special event, you will want to treat your loved one and give them a gift that will make them feel extra special. But coming up with a unique gift idea can be difficult. However, spa breaks are always a crowd pleaser because everyone can benefit from a massage. Here are four reasons why […]

Why Every Man Needs a Massage

Massage is well known for helping us to relax both our body and mind. Women often treat themselves to spa treatments that incorporate massage, but what about men? There are so many benefits of massage for men that can help soothe the body, mind and soul. Below we explore the many benefits of massages for […]

Why All Men Should Consider Taking a Spa Break

Until recently, spa days were considered to be an exclusively feminine excursion, but this is far from the truth; there are numerous benefits to a spa pamper day that both men and women can enjoy. Here are five reasons why men should embrace the spa and go alone or with their loved ones.   1. […]

Step into Spring with a Spa Day

The daffodils have started peeking through and the days have started to get longer. Spring is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to head for a spa treatment. You’ve spent the last few months hiding away under thick tights and winter coats, and now it’s time to come out and shine. Time to head […]

Different Types of Facials

A person’s skin can usually be categorised into five different types; sensitive, oily, combination, acne-prone or dry. Due to the variety of skin types, there is no single form of facial that will suit everyone. It is no secret that the benefits of facials can be seemingly endless, but it is import to know the […]

The Top Benefits of Massage Therapy

One of the most commonly requested treatments at UK spas is massage therapy. People love this therapy and it’s not hard to see why, as there are many benefits. Take a look at six of these below – perhaps there is a benefit you hadn’t realised! 1. Reducing stress levels When the body is under […]

4 Top Benefits of Facials

Facials are far more than just pampering treats, they can help provide the radiant, youthful skin every woman (or, indeed, man) seeks. Healthy looking facial skin is one of the first things anyone notices, and you can’t really achieve the required impressive results you need by simply washing and moisturising. Facials offer a wide range […]

The Psychological Benefits of Spa Treatments

There are numerous benefits to having a pamper day and a trip to the spa could be just the thing you need to heal your body and your mind. Here are five psychological benefits that you can look forward to after a relaxing spa day…   1. Improved mindfulness Sitting on your own thoughts can […]

The Power of Touch

The antidote to physical and mental ailments, relationship difficulties or stressful days can be found in the power of touch. According to Cathy Ulrich, a bodywork and massage professional, “touch is as essential to human survival as is food”. The necessity of the power of touch and its healing capabilities are illustrated across the globe, every […]

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

You may have heard of the term Complementary and Alternative Therapies before. At the most basic level, Complementary and Alternative Therapies are typically used with the intention of helping to treat (or cure) a health condition. The NCI splits the definition of these two terms: Complementary therapies are forms of treatment that are used in addition […]