Benefits of Having a Facial Massage

Facial massage is now a popular treatment for both health and beauty reasons. Not only does it make skin glow and radiate with health, but it can also make us feel good. Below we explore the many benefits of facials.

1. Boost circulation

One of the biggest benefits of having a facial massage is that it instantly boosts circulation. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and this can help reduce any puffiness in the skin. Blood flow is also stimulated, resulting in fresher looking skin that glows with health.

2. Say goodbye to stress

Full body massages are known for helping to reduce stress levels and the same is true when you have a spa facial. When we are stressed and anxious our facial muscles can become tight and this can lead to aches and pains. A facial massage targets these muscles and stimulates pressure points, relieving tension and making us feel better.

3. Helps reduce inflammation

If you suffer from rosacea or acne, then a facial can really help to reduce that inflammation. This is due to the increased oxygen in the blood that can help to flush out toxins and aid the healing process.

4. Helps migraine sufferers

One lesser known benefit about facial massage is that it can help reduce tension headaches, cluster headaches and even migraines. This is because the massage targets areas of pressure, especially the temple and jaw which, as a result, become relaxed and ease muscle strain. It is known that having facials can dramatically reduce the frequency of headaches.

5. Natural face-lift

Finally, having a facial produces a natural mini face-lift. This is due to the fact that collagen production is stimulated, which is responsible for the elasticity and tightening the skin. As a result, your face will feel firmer and appear more youthful.

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