Three Ways a Spa Day Can Improve Your Performance at Work

We all want to perform our jobs to the best of our ability. After all, this can instil a sense of pride – as well as garner the attention of those higher-up. The question is: what can you do outside of work to ensure that you’re firing on all cylinders during business hours? Well, you’ll […]

How a Spa Day Can Benefit Well-being

We all know how the hustle and bustle of everyday life can take its toll on our minds and our bodies. With long working hours, busy lifestyles, and the pressure from the digital age to be doing everything at once, sometimes we forget how important taking some much needed time out with unwinding spa breaks, […]

Three Ways a Spa Atmosphere Can Help You Relax

You might be looking forward to your next spa break because you know you’ll be able to indulge in an array of exciting treatments. However, there is a lot more to it than that. Some people go to spas just for the atmosphere and the relaxation it brings. Here are some of the key benefits […]

Friendship Goals: Why Should You Visit a Spa with Your Mates?

Going to a spa or treatment alone can seem daunting, but that’s why we love going with friends! Spas are becoming more popular as a way to spend time together while experiencing health and well-being benefits. 1. Cost effective Most spas will offer special rates and packages for two or more people, and combined with […]

Spa Days for Men

Spas and wellness centres can be a great place for men to relax, with a range of them now offering spa days and treatments tailored specifically for men. In the 21st century, stress is one of the leading factors affecting both our physical and mental well-being. Ensuring we take regular time out to look after […]

Luxury Spa Hen Do’s in the UK

These days brides-to-be are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury spas to visit for their hen do here in the UK, so we thought we’d help by giving you a little taste of a few of the most indulgent ones out there in a variety of locations across the UK… The Randolph, Macdonald […]

Mother and Daughter Spa Days

Mother and daughter spa days offer you and your Mum the perfect chance to reconnect, relax and spend some great quality time together. Not everyone always thinks of the spa as a social venue but they are ideal for a mother-daughter day.

Pregnancy Spa Days – Can I Still Go?

During pregnancy, there might be nothing that sounds quite as inviting as a relaxing day at the spa. But there’s often some confusion over whether it’s still safe to go.