Different Types of Facials

A person’s skin can usually be categorised into five different types; sensitive, oily, combination, acne-prone or dry. Due to the variety of skin types, there is no single form of facial that will suit everyone.

It is no secret that the benefits of facials can be seemingly endless, but it is import to know the different types of facials available, to achieve the best possible (and glowing) results.

The main different types of facials are listed below.

1. Reduction facial

Acne reduction facials are best suited for people with acne prone skin or acne scarring. This method of facial focuses on removing excess oil from deep within the pores, by using light scrubbing and steaming techniques.

2. Aromatherapy

As one of the most popular facials for relaxing, an aromatherapy facial is all about pampering. The use of aromatherapy oils on the skin will promote deep moisturisation within the pores, and leave everyone feeling radiant, relaxed and with glowing skin.

3. Collagen

Best suited for those with dry or ageing skin, a collagen facial promotes rejuvenation of the skin cells. The collagen creams promote suppleness in the pores and the massaging technique used naturally lifts the skin.

4. Gold facials

Rising in popularity, the gold facial is a unique and luxurious treat. This type of facial is suited for all skin types as the gold fragments focus on cleansing the skin and promoting a natural glow.

5. Paraffin

Suitable for dry and oily skin, a paraffin facial is one of the most popular facial treatments. A cream and mask are used within this treatment resulting in a clear complexion.

6. Fruit facial

Fruit facials are suitable for all types of skin, except for those with certain sensitivities. The active enzymes in fruit assist in removing impurities and fruits containing Vitamin C naturally lighten skin and smooth over blemishes, marks or scars.

With the vast amount of facials available, it is important to not only know which type is best to achieve the desired results but to also ensure the facial is completed by a qualified and trained professional at a reputable establishment.

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