Give the gift of wellness this Christmas

As we move towards Christmas and a new year, it’s an excellent time to say thank you to the staff who have persevered throughout what has been undoubtedly, one of the most difficult years in recent memory. Through months of lockdowns, furloughed work forces and added stresses and strains from COVID-19, My Spa Pass’s Corporate Gifting would be an excellent way to show appreciation for the effort of your team have made this year.


As limited as the functionality for a business has been, the loyalty of those who have remained motivated and kept a positive frame of mind whilst working from home is admirable. They have ensured that a business can continue to operate and maintain the satisfaction of your customers and clients. Working from home can be a difficult concept to adjust to, even more so with the limited resources people may have had access to. Combine this with the added stresses of not being able to get a moment to yourself for those with children, and the feeling of isolation for others, a relaxing group trip to a spa could be the perfect solution to getting back to normal and giving a well needed boost to your employees wellbeing.


An insight into the workforce

A survey of 1,214 individuals from various industries, seniority levels and demographics carried out by The Martec Group showed that,

although some individuals adapted well to working remotely, there was a significant decline in some people’s mental health. According to the survey, four unique groups emerged with 27% being discouraged, 32% felt trapped by working from home and the remaining 41% being described as “thriving” and “hopeful”. The study demonstrates that, now more than ever, the workforce needs a sign of solidarity from the companies that they work so hard for, and the range of products that we offer at My Spa Pass (from spa days & gift vouchers to memberships offering discounts on wellbeing products) are the perfect way to say ‘we care about your health’.




How would a corporate gift help?

The benefits of spa treatments for your workforce include relaxing and improving the flexibility of muscles, helping your body recover faster, and improving blood circulation and oxygen to areas of the body. This all contributes to feeling more alert, awake and keeping your body in tip-top physical condition. Many people would consider a spa, massage, or beauty treatment a form of luxury and are proven to be essential to health, wellness, and mindfulness. After all, the health benefits of spa treatments are not restricted to just physical aspects; a spa break allows your mind to relax and unwind which can have a huge influence on your stress levels and your outlook on life. Rejuvenating your workforce with a My Spa Pass gift, will help to provide you with a fresh and positively-minded work force, ready to hit the ground running for 2021.


Take the first step

For information about how My Spa Pass’ Corporate Gifting works and to discuss your purchasing needs, please contact Once we have completed the transaction, we will design a launch email for you to send out to your team, ready to pass on your kind gift and brighten their December.


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