How Massage Can Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of daily life, from a stay at home parent to a CEO! But there are plenty of types of massage available to help you deal with stress and emotional wellbeing. Taking the time out for a short massage or full spa day can reduce stress when you leave the spa.

1. Receiving, not giving

During a massage or spa therapy, all you need to do is sit back and relax! Many people, especially parents, spend most of their day giving and helping. When you take part in a spa day, those responsibilities are able to vanish for a short time – giving you the headspace to truly relax and reduce stress.

2. The power of touch

If you’re feeling lonely or life has left you with a reduced social life, touch is a simple tool that can greatly improve your mental health. Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and a nurturing touch can reduce the stress hormone – cortisol – and even blood pressure. Meaning that massage is a powerful physiological tool.

3. Self-love and confidence

Unwinding and relaxing is available in plenty of spa treatments. Therapies that include tackling issues such as wrinkles, pain or acne can help you feel and look better. Beauticians can also help you learn how to love your body and give you tips and tricks to keep your problem areas under control.

4. Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness should be practiced every day, but massage can help improve that. By taking time out of a busy schedule to truly relax and focus on unwinding, you’ll learn how enjoyable and stress-free mindfulness can be!

5. Sleep better

Regular massage has been linked to longer and better quality sleep. Many therapists notice clients can fall asleep on the table because massage is so relaxing! Poor sleep and low energy can make stress worse, so improving your sleep through relaxation and massage can support your day to day life.

Find a spa near you with great treatments available across the country. The opportunity to reduce stress with a relaxing spa day might be just around the corner!

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