Counting down the days until your holiday? Booking your flights? Packing your bags? Don’t forget your pre-holiday beauty essentials to ensure you hit the beach with a glow…



A couple of weeks before you jet off is the perfect time to get your feet looking fabulous! Treat them to a pedicure to sort out that dry skin, moisturise and pick out a stunning nail colour that will set complement your new beach flip flops! Many of the My Spa Pass Partners offer discounts on treatments, such as pedicures so why not treat yourself? At Village Hotels Spas you can even squeeze a 45 minute pedicure into your lunch break and there’s bound to be one near you, check out our locations map here



With a week to go before you say Bon Voyage, it’s the perfect time to get any brow and lash treatments done, whether its tinting and shaping or lash extensions, its best to give them a little bit of time before you go to settle (the sun can make skin irritable after tinting) and make sure it all works with your chosen summer make up. Don’t forget, if you are having any tinting done to always get a patch test before treatment.



5 days before your holiday is the perfect time to have any waxing treatments as this will give enough time for any irritation to settle. There are many waxing treatments available, so check our list of Partners to see where you can get discount near you.



If you’re having a spray tan before you hit the beach, then 3 days before you go is the perfect time to book in for this. Then by the time you step off the plane your tan will be looking fresh and sun-kissed, and don’t forget you’ll be able to tan while you’re there! Don’t forget that being tanned will affect the look of your make up, so be sure to take some that’s a little darker than your usual to get a goo match for your bronzed skin tone.



Time to relax and wait for your holiday to start, why not treat yourself to a massage to get you feeling full chilled? A couple of days before you go is the perfect time to have a manicure of gel nails to ensure your chosen colour lasts for your whole trip.

With My Spa Pass you can enjoy discounts at all our Partners, and they’ll be sure to help you get beach ready in no time! Check out our Partners page to see where you can get discounted treatments, spa days, spa breaks and much more.

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