When you walk into a spa that amazing smell is unmistakable and helps you feel instantly relaxed, melting away your stresses with just a sniff.

Imagine if you could create this luxurious fragrance at home? Well My Spa Pass is here to help! Spa’s use clever combinations of essential oils to create that wonderful fragrance, so here’s a few tips of how you can recreate it in your own home:

USE essential oils in A DIFFUSER

You can perfume your home by using lavender and peppermint essential oils in an ‘oil diffuser’ – just pop a mixture of the 2 oils into the diffuser, add water to the fill line and turn it on and let the beautiful aroma fill the room.

Lavender oil is fabulous for alleviating stress, soothing emotions and relieving anxiety. Peppermint oil is often used to ease tension and exhaustion and has a general calming effect. The combination is perfect, and smells just like a spa!


If you don’t have an oil diffuser, you can try making your own spray: You’ll need your favourite essential oils, a spray bottle, water and some vodka…(see what you’ve got left over in the back of the cupboard, it doesn’t need to be a posh brand, anything will do). Combine around 25 drops of the essential oils you’ve chosen, with 75ml of vodka, 300ml of water and shake! Then you can mist all over your bedding, towels, soft furnishings or just into the air to bring that refreshing spa smell into your home.

You can add other oils too and layer the fragrance up to make it unique for you and your home. There’s a wide variety of essential oils out there, so experiment and find the ones you like the smell of best and which have the most beneficial properties for you.


Another fab idea is to make your own reed diffuser, now for this I personally used the reeds from an old diffuser that had dried up, a cute little empty gin bottle and some essential oils. Clean the gin bottle (you could use a jar), and again make a liquid using your favourite essential oils, some vodka and then you need to add oil. Ideally you need to use a light oil, such as almond oil, safflower oil or fractioned coconut oil, these light oils will travel up the reeds much more easily whereas something like vegetable oil is much too thick. Then pop the reeds in and let the fragrance do its work! Voila!

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