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SATURO is Europe’s first complete ready-to-drink meal. In other words, you can substitute a whole meal with one of our 500ml shakes or have a snack with our 330ml shakes. No matter which one you choose, you will not feel hungry for hours.

Since one of our 500ml-shakes covers 25% of the necessary average calorie intake and provides all necessary nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, it is possible to live on four 500ml bottles of SATURO a day.

Balanced Nutrition

SATURO enables you to achieve a healthy and balanced diet, even with a packed schedule. Just open a bottle and drink it, that’s all! You won’t need to waste any time and energy planning your meals, shopping groceries, cooking or cleaning up. You simply order SATURO online and we ship it directly to you.

Additionally, SATURO is extremely convenient and easy to use. You neither need a refrigerator to store it, nor any equipment to blend it. Everything is already prepared for you, which guarantees consistently perfect results and convenience. Furthermore, you can take our bottles with you, in every bag or backpack, without worrying about leakage.

Always Ready to Drink

SATURO bottles are always readily available, wherever and whenever you get hungry. They are premixed and ready to drink, so no mixing or shaking, and no mess! We often find ourselves choosing fast food when we are rushed and run out of time, even when we are trying to be healthy, Saturo is the perfect solution. Pop a bottle in your bag, take it to work or on the go, then it’s ready when you find yourself hungry.

Sustainable and Vegan

A sustainable meal that is good for you and the environment, gluten free and vegan


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