Sofia Latif

welcome to SOFIA LATIf Vegan natural skincare

We believe oils have the power to create healthy and strong skin.

Our time is precious – using the time at the end of each day to reconnect mind to senses, soothing mood and skin at the same time is a more holistic approach to skincare. 

All Sofia Latif products are cruelty free. With the sale of each product we support female small business owners in low-income countries.

Sofia’s story:

In her late 20s Sofia’s skin became hypersensitive, during a challenging period of her life. Nothing helped to ease the sensitivity, and prescribed medication was not the solution for her – she didn’t want to compromise the strength of her skin. She started to experiment with oils, and found them to be her saviours. She used oils to tackle issues such as scarring, dry skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, breakouts, and open pores. Since then, her passion, knowledge and love for oils grew, and 15 years later the Sofia Latif brand was born.


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