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Thomson & Scott produces top quality Champagne and Prosecco with as little intervention as possible in the production process and highlights its vegan and organic credentials. We have created a whole new sector in the drinks business committed to transparency in wine and wine labelling. We sell vegan and organic sparkling wines that cut out unnecessary sugar in the production process.

Wine labelling is sparse in its detail and misleading in its description. Currently, the wine industry doesn’t have to say what goes into making the products we drink. Raised on a vegetarian, no sugar diet by her health-conscious mother, Amanda Thomson (Founder) has always had a keen interest in what’s in her food. A lover of Champagne and sparkling wine, she discovered that there was more than just grapes and alcohol in her favourite drinks.

In an effort to be the first wine company to also put a real focus on wine packaging and its harmful impact on the environment, all our own deliveries are made with packaging that is 100% recyclable.


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