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Bunnies & Zen create sustainable and beautifully designed products that can be used in meditation, yoga, personal growth and to uplift and support the body, heart, mind and spirit. The iconic Zen bunny, which features in many of our designs, is intended to be a lucky talisman that brings health and good fortune.

Rachel & George are slowly growing their little business and say their primary objective is to help others on the path to well-being, whether that be through the positive mantras they incorporate into their products, the soothing therapeutic oils in their candle blends or the well-being information they share on their blogs.

Mediation Candles

Bunnies & Zen hand craft sustainable, earth-friendly candles designed for use while meditating, doing yoga, or for space clearing in the home.

The ingredients for the Meditation Candles are all carefully chosen, they are all plant based, pure and simple with absolutely no additives, synthetic fragrances, animal products, additives or paraffin. The stunning scents are achieved by using plant wax and pure botanical oils, which are carefully selected and blended for their therapeutic benefits. Minimal packaging is used and ingredients sourced locally where possible.

All of the Bunnies & Zen candles are hand-poured by George and are imbued with Reiki energy to send blessings of peace and happiness to those who use them.

Yoga Mats & Towels

Bunnies & Zen have designed and created a range of Yoga Towels for placing over a Yoga Mat to create an absorbent surface whilst also providing grip to help with holding Yoga postures.

The Yoga Mat provides the combined benefits of both a Yoga Towel and a Yoga Mat, it has a microfibre fabric top layer which acts as an absorbent towel and a rubber base to provide the cushioned support of a Yoga Mat.

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