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Esthechoc is an award winning food supplement for healthy looking skin in the form of dark, delicious chocolate suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It contains just 38 calories; and just one piece a day does miracles for your skin.

This small piece of Esthechoc chocolate improves micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin. It accelerates the detoxification processes in the skin, supports skin nutrition and helps the skin to regain its firmness, radiance and shine. It also protects the skin from ageing and contributes to healthy, luminous and smooth skin. Suitable for all skin types, designed for regular skin care and protection.

Described by Harrods as “The secret weapon celebrities and fashion insiders alike are using to keep their skin fresh faced and glowing”.

Voted no 1 anti-ageing product by Huffington Post: ‘”The place where most people use Botox – the frown lines and the lines in my forehead – have diminished about 50% and the lines around my mouth have softened as well.”

Esthechoc works by combining two powerful antioxidants, Astaxanthin and Cocoa Polyphenolic Epicatechins to create a ‘holy grail’ designed to keep skin looking youthful.

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