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Evy technology sun mousse is developed by Swedish skincare research, especially made for sensitive skin and an active life in the sun, giving up to 6 hours effective protection

Prevent premature aging by using an effective sunscreen daily. 90% of premature skin ageing is caused by the sun. In addition to EVY’s unique formulation and sunscreen composition (which gives you over 90% UVA protection), we’ve added vitamin C and E, collagen and silk extracts to prevent and repair sun damage.

Ideal for sensitive skin

Developed for sensitive skin and suitable even for those who have vitiligo or albinism. The basic formula protects your skin from irritants and chemicals. Therefore it’s a good alternative for those with other skin problems, such as water or nickel allergy. Many of our customers who normally get rashes from standard sunscreens have said they disappear when they use EVY.

Use on Face and Body

EVY sunscreens are neither shiny nor sticky and are suitable for both face and body. You can also use EVY around your eyes and ON your lips. The mousse absorbs and dries very quickly, making the product very easy to use. It’s completely odourless, leaves no white residue and won’t clog your pores.
If you want to protect your hair ends against strong sun, you can use the mousse on them or even apply it on the scalp if you are extra-sensitive or have thinning hair. The formula moisturises and protects your skin against both drying out from sun exposure and against premature ageing. Many of the products are also fortified with vitamins, silk extracts and collagen to counteract the suns damaging effects on the skin.

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