FFS is the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women. We’re on a mission to make it cleaner, easier and cheaper for you to shave your legs, underarms and any other areas. You sign up and we send you a chic handle, then fresh blades every month meaning you can stay smooth for longer, all for just a few pounds a month.

“The feeling of a rusty blade against your stubbly legs, oh nothing beats it.”

If someone shaved their legs everyday for a week (that’s dedication right there), that would be the equivalent of shaving a tennis court. Pretty epic right? And a wee bit grim. Bacteria and all sorts of nasty stuff gets built up in those blades, so remember:

“Change your blades once a week, and your legs shall be smooth & sleek.”

Check us rhymin’!

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25% off the first set of blades

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