Self care is more than just a bubble bath

It’s a common misconception that self care is simply sitting in a bath with loads of bubbles & a face mask on; it’s so much more than that.

Self care is defined as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”. Given this definition and it’s range of interpretations, self care is a broad and extensive area that, to many, is still widely untapped and unknown. This is why we have put together a list of self care activities that you can undertake to give yourself a rest and “improve one’s own health” this January. 


Self care and improving your health isn’t all about hitting the gym or going for a run, sometimes the best way to exercise your mental health is to read a book. Reading allows us to escape the day to day and get out of our own heads for a short period of time. This can also in turn help you to gain perspective on certain issues you may be having by allowing you time to take a step back from them.

2. Go for a walk in the fresh air

Whether you have a furry friend to accompany you on your walk or not, the benefits of fresh air are endless. Walking in the fresh air gives you energy and also gives you time for headspace and to take a moment away from the day to day stresses and strains. Walking also helps with your digestion so if you’re trying to improve your physical health, this is a great addition to your daily and weekly routine that can be easily incorporated.

3. Be intentional with your skincare

Don’t just slap on your moisturiser and have done with it! Make some time to work the products you’re using into the skin, allow each product to do its job before adding the next product. Not only will this benefit your skin but it’ll make you feel you’ve had a real treat too!

4. Sit in the garden

Fresh air balances your internal elements by neutralising the carbon dioxide in your surroundings when you’re cooped up indoors. If you don’t have a garden, try sitting by an open window with your favourite hot drink and just take some time to intentionally breathe in the fresh air and take in your surroundings.

5. Cook your favourite dinner

Why do we always wait for a special occasion to cook or eat our favourite foods? While self indulgence and overeating is the opposite of self-care, you should feel able to treat yourself every now and then and what better way to do that than by cooking your favourite meal. The process of cooking is proven to have therapeutic qualities, so put on your favourite radio station and get cooking!

6. Get a massage

Not only do massages do wonders for our physical health such as reducing muscle tension, improving circulation and improving joint mobility/flexibility, massage offers an opportunity for human connection. The benefits of human touch are endless, making massage an all-round top tip for anyone trying to improve their self-care routine.

7. Declutter a space in your home

Whether we like it or not, we are all now spending much more time at home & the impacts of a messy or negative environment are astronomical. A clear home or work space reduces stress, improves focus and gives you peace of mind to be able to concentrate on the work at hand without the nagging feeling that you’ve not put a wash load on in a while or the dishes need doing.

8. Start a journal

Journaling has become a much more popular practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as it allows you to sit back and reflect on your day, week, month and even year. You can use your journal in whatever way works best for you, but most use their journals to keep track of everything they need to focus on including to-do lists, long term goals, thoughts, feelings and positive affirmations for when you need a bit of a boost!

Now that you’re equipped with some common self-care practices, it’s time to get them planned in and incorporated into your daily routine. Try each one and think about which of these practices work best for you and fit well within your lifestyle.

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