Spa safety this winter

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and many of life’s little pleasures being somewhat limited, the chance to take a break from it all and relax a little would be a wonderful thing to have. Well, fortunately, My Spa Pass partners can now help you reach that goal of relaxation, thanks to the re-opening of spas and wellness locations throughout the UK.

What to expect from a spa

  • As with a most affected areas and industries, a spa will be following guidelines that have been suggested and imposed by their local government and will include the most commonly seen aspects, such as the wearing of facemasks.
  • It is very likely that you will be asked some questions at the time of booking and may include questions such as “Have you had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?” or “have any household members had any symptoms?”. These questions may vary from business to business, there may be additional questions too, but you should expect to give this information upon booking and arrival at the spa.
  • You may also be advised that if you develop any symptoms after completing your booking, especially within 48 hours of your appointment, to cancel your booking and self-isolate.
  • The spa you visit may also carry out a temperature test upon your arrival and may turn you away if they consider it to be abnormal. This is a procedure that will have been carried out on all staff and visitors to ensure the safety of all who are visiting.
  • There will likely be signs posted around the premises advising to wash your hands on a regular basis and where you might find the location of anti-bacterial hand-wash, as well as instructions regarding social distancing. It is likely that you will be required to sanitise your hands at arrival.
  • For establishments that offer refreshments or food, their menu’s may be digitised through the usage of an app or tablet that may be provided. This helps to minimise the risk of the transmission of the virus and a provided tablet will have been sanitised as required and as necessary. The member of staff who greets you will likely discuss this with you but you can always ask them any questions you may have about the process.
  • There may be limited access and movement at your spa to prevent overcrowding in areas such as: reception, relaxation rooms and changing rooms, with all common areas being treated regularly to sanitation requirements.
  • Your treatment times may be adjusted and changed to ensure that the areas you will be going into are maintained and cleaned for the safety of you and your therapist.
  • A spa you visit may require that face coverings are warn during treatments that don’t require facial contact. For those that do require facial contact, the therapists will be wearing their own PPE (such as a face visor or mask).

It’s a different approach, but the best one

Although your visit may to a spa may be different from what you may be used to before COVID-19, it will be comforting to know that a small group of people are doing everything in their power to ensure that you can get the most out of your visit. It may be a little confusing at the beginning but you can be reassured that you are in one of the cleanest and most relaxing places you could possibly be in, in the current climate, and they really do want to help you relax and take your mind off of the daily stresses… at least for a couple of hours anyway!

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