The Best Spa Treatments for Footballers

With the football season comes the threat of injury and exhaustion. In the English men’s football league alone there are more than 7,000 football teams – that’s tens of thousands of players who are pushing themselves on the pitch every week and leaving themselves vulnerable to pulled muscles and sprained limbs.

The health benefits of spa treatments have been well documented, but there is more to a spa day than simply relaxation. For footballers and other sports addicts, spa therapies can work to prevent and repair injuries and improve performance.

Here are a few of our top spa treatments for men and women who play football:

1. Sports massage

Sports massages are not like other massages. For a start – they hurt. However, it is well worth the pain in the end. All professional athletes make sure that they schedule regular sports massages to aid muscle recovery, release tension around the joints and work out any muscular pain.

2. Sauna

The humble sauna has been used by athletes and warriors for centuries as a form of relaxation and muscle repair. The dry heat from the sauna increases blood flow through the muscles, helping them to relax and recuperate after a tough workout session.

3. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massages use essential oils to help work on certain physical and psychological symptoms. Football is a very psychological game, and it is important to take some time to look after your mental health, while giving your body some TLC. Choose a relaxing aromatherapy massage to put a bad match behind you while you prepare your body for the next one.

4. Hydrotherapy

Water is a great healer, and many spas come fully equipped with a full range of hydrotherapy treatments for every need. An ice bath or plunge pool can improve circulation after a workout, while a Jacuzzi or hot tub relaxes sore or tired muscles. Hydro jets can be used to put pressure on painful joints, so you can work out any knots in a natural way. And for simple destressing and relaxation, flotation tanks or floating pools are a great place to while away a few minutes alone.

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