The First Call of Duty for Newlyweds? A Spa Break!

The happiest day of your life can pass you by in the blink of an eye. Then what? While you will be thinking that the fun is over now that you’re married, there’s plenty of reason to book a spa break – whether this comes before, during or after your honeymoon!


You need to put your feet up after planning a wedding. The process – while exciting – will leave you exhausted by the time all is said and done. A spa break is a fantastic way to relax and de-stress from the last few months of planning and worrying. The treatments – which include the likes of massages and facials – are designed to sooth and relax you. Ultimately, following your trip to the spa you’ll feel as good as new and ready to grab married life by the horns.

Mental health

Getting married is something you’ve looked for to for a long time and once it’s over with, you may be feeling as if there is nothing to look forward to or get excited about. A spa break can thankfully turn your mood around. As well as being something fun to get excited about, the treatments you receive will have the power to lift your mood and improve your mental health.

Quality time

Your wedding day will feel like a whirlwind occasion. After it’s over and done with, you and your new spouse will want nothing more than to spend some quality time together. You can, of course, do this at a spa. There’ll be plenty of time to chat, laugh or just relax in each other’s company. This offers a sense of intimacy that you’ll crave in those first few months as a married couple.

It’s time to indulge!

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