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In the fast-paced world that we live in, staying on top of your own health and wellbeing both physically and mentally can be an important aspect of your personal and professional routine. The everyday stresses of life can lead to negative outcomes such as reduced productivity, anxiety and depression. In the past, being able to separate personal from professional has always been somewhat desired with a general attitude of personal life not affecting professional life however, multiple studies have shown that these two things are intertwined and a personal issue will undoubtedly affect your professional life.

How you feel after an event, no matter how big or small, can affect how you interact with clients, customers and co-workers. Wellbeing also covers the physical aspects of your life: the temperature of the room you are in or that pain you have had in your lower back for the last few days. Your body works as one and something affecting you physically can affect you mentally, for example: suffering from stress can cause your immune system to struggle to fight off that cold you have had for the last few weeks.

Make your mental wellbeing a priority

Mental health has never been an easy topic to discuss; just the thought of discussing it can make you feel vulnerable and self conscious. As with most problems, it can be difficult to move on from without discussing it. There are people in your life who will listen and will not judge but instead offer help and support; this could be a close friend, a partner or a family member. Whilst the world is still in the process of making the change to support wellbeing in the workplace, there are things you can do in your personal life to start taking steps to a more positive outlook on your professional life.

What can you do?

• Make time for friends and family
Spending time with family and friends can provide a huge boost to morale and help to keep you on track and centred. Even simply booking a hotel room for the weekend just to get away from it all with a loved one can be incredibly positive.

• Enjoy the simple things in life
Whether its treating yourself to your favourite food, watching that tv show you love or simply grabbing a coffee, all these things can make you feel a little happier and are ways of prioritising yourself.

• Create a plan
Setting out goals for yourself can help keep you motivated and provide something for you to focus on. Once you finally tick off that goal, it gives you a sense of achievement and can improve your self-confidence.

• Treat yourself
One of the greatest choices for giving you that much-needed boost is to have someone ease those stresses for you. Book a trip to a spa, spend some time with a trainer in the gym or take up something like yoga or meditation. All are great options for helping make life that little more interesting and positive.

• Take a trip
Think of a beautiful place you have always wanted to visit, grab a friend or family member, book a hotel and go. The UK and the rest of the world have some amazing locations that are worth visiting and spending a week or two taking it all in can be one of the best methods of clearing your head and getting some perspective on things.

The next step to wellbeing

Many of the choices mentioned above are things you can do for yourself to improve your wellbeing and My Spa Pass can help you on this journey. With discounts on gym memberships, spa breaks, hotel stays as well as naturally sourced wellbeing products, becoming a My Spa Pass Member could be the first step to improving your lifestyle and wellbeing. We can now proudly say that you can bring friends and family along for the journey with our new Spa Gift vouchers which are redeemable at many of our Partners locations. To view a full list of redemption locations, please visit

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