Types of Facials and Their Benefits

Everyone wants clear, glowing skin, and getting a facial can be one of the most effective (and relaxing) ways to achieve this. But with so many different options available, deciding which treatment would be best for your skin type isn’t always easy.

To make your next spa day a little more straightforward, here’s the rundown on five of our favourite facial treatments…

Hydrating facial

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a facial is the hydrating benefits they can have.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, opting for a facial that focuses mostly on hydration will be perfect. The aim of this type of facial is to increase the water content in the skin and lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

A hydrating facial will often include gentle exfoliation and massage to prep the skin and help it better absorb moisture. Serums and face masks will then be used to hydrate the skin.


  • Increases water content in the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and more supple
  • Evens out skin tone and texture
  • Reduces irritation


Another facial that has been rising in popularity over the last few years is microdermabrasion. This skin resurfacing treatment consists of a fine jet of abrasive micro crystals (followed by a vacuum) being passed over the skin to remove dead skin cells and smooth out uneven texture.

One of the reasons that microdermabrasion has become such a popular treatment is that not only is it highly effective for oily and acne prone skin, the technique is gentle enough to be used over the whole face and is beneficial for all skin types.


  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation
  • Reduces the appearance of pores, blemishes and acne scars
  • Softens skin and smooths uneven texture
  • Reduces uneven pigmentation


Radiofrequency has been referred to as a ‘non-surgical face-lift’, as its main aim is to firm and tighten the skin to give a more lifted and contoured appearance.

The treatment uses heat (typically around 40°C) in sweeping motions over the skin to tighten elastin fibres and encourage collagen production. Although you may be able to feel the heat during your facial, there’s no need to worry about it getting too hot – people who choose radiofrequency often say that the warmth feels comfortable and adds to the relaxing experience.


  • Firms and tightens the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Can continue to encourage collagen production for up to 4 – 6 weeks after the treatment

Brightening facial

For glowing, supermodel skin, a brightening facial is often the spa treatment of choice.

Brightening facials typically use a combination of face masks, enzyme peels and acid treatments to gently exfoliate and remove the build up of dead cells to renew and rejuvenate dull or tired looking skin.


  • Makes skin look dewy and more radiant
  • Gentle exfoliation softens skin and minimises texture
  • Evens out pigmentation

Aromatherapy facial

As well as being beneficial for your skin, an aromatherapy facial is one of the most pampering and luxurious treatments you can choose.

Typically, an aromatherapy facial will start with a steam to clear impurities from the pores and help your skin absorb the essential oils that will be used.

Essential oils have excellent hydrating and anti-ageing properties. And because your therapist will be able to choose which oils they use based on your skin type, whatever your skincare concerns are, the treatment can be adapted to accommodate these.


  • Encourages complete relaxation
  • Skin appears younger and more radiant
  • Makes skin feel softer and hydrated

Are you ready for your spa trip?

Whatever your skin type is, there are a whole host of facial treatments that will treat your individual skincare concerns and make you feel completely relaxed. We’ve partnered with spas all across the UK to offer discounts on some of the best treatments, days and breaks all year round – so you can treat yourself to a luxurious day at the spa for a lower price, whenever you choose.

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