What to Wear to a Day Spa

So you’ve found the perfect location, booked your treatments and are ready for a day of pure relaxation at the spa (and hopefully you signed up to My Spa Pass beforehand to save a few pounds).

But if it’s your first time, it can be a little nerve-wracking figuring out what to wear. No need to worry, we’re here to offer some clarity and guide you through everything you need to wear (or not wear) on the day…


Let’s start with the easy part: arriving at the day spa.

Your time at the spa is all about feeling relaxed, so wear something you feel comfortable in. This might be a t-shirt and leggings or loose trousers. Chances are, you won’t be wearing the clothes you arrive in for too long, but making sure that you’re comfortable is top priority. You also might want to bring a warm jacket for when you leave, and depending on the location, a jacket might come in handy if you need to go outside at any point, or if you feel chilly after a treatment.

Throughout the day

Now onto the (perceived) tricky bit. What should you wear during, and between, treatments?

Around the spa

During your time at the day spa, you’ll probably spend about 90% of your time in your robe and slippers. Most spas will provide these for you, but you may also be welcome to bring your own if you’d prefer. It’s very unlikely that outdoor shoes will be allowed inside, so keep this in mind if you do want to bring your own footwear. Flip flops that are easy to clean may be allowed in wet areas if you don’t want to get your slippers damp – just be sure to check with the spa first.

Because spas need to cater to lots of different people, robes and slippers usually only come in a couple of sizes. So if, for example, you’re particularly small, you might find that their clothing is too big to be comfortable. If you’re worried that this might be the case, you can always ring to check ahead of time – your spa day is all about you, so the staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

When it comes to what to wear underneath your robe, you have a couple of different options (don’t worry, you don’t have to walk around naked all day!). You will be required to wear your robe and slippers in all public areas, with either underwear, swimwear or some other comfortable clothing underneath.

During treatments

If you’re nervous about the idea of being unclothed during a treatment, there’s no need to be. Many spas will give you the option of either wearing your own underwear (or dry swimwear), paper underwear, or nothing at all underneath your towel / robe. Your therapist will tell you your options and what’s expected (some spas may require that you wear something), but remember that you’ll never have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. For treatments like wraps where lots of mud or oils are used, you will often be offered paper underwear to keep your own clothes nice and fresh.

The rest of the time

If the spa you’re going to has wet facilities such as a pool, sauna or other thermal room, you’ll want to take some swimwear with you so that you can use these facilities if you choose to do so. You might want to consider taking two swimming costumes so that you don’t have to wear wet clothes during your treatments.

Similarly to this, if the spa offers fitness/yoga classes or has a gym that you plan on using, be sure to take some exercise clothes with you so that you can make the most of these facilities.

And if you’re spending all day at the spa, chances are you will need to eat at some point. Before you arrive, check to see if the spa restaurant has a particular dress code that you’ll need to adhere to.

At lunchtime, a standalone spa will likely have an informal dress code that includes wearing your robe to the restaurant, and a more smart-casual dresscode on an evening. But if you’re going to a hotel spa, the restaurant might have its own, more formal dress code, so just be sure to check before you go.

If you’ve booked your first spa visit, we hope you love it – and hopefully our tips on what to wear will have taken some of the anxiety out of planning your trip. If you do enjoy the experience and want to go again in the future, take a look at My Spa Pass. We’ve partnered with spas across the UK to offer exclusive discounts on 100s of treatments, days and breaks all year round.

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