Why a Massage is Essential for Your Fitness Journey

Whether you’re training for a big race or just hitting the weights to get your body in peak physical condition, exercise can take a massive toll on your body. It’s important to look after your muscles so that you can keep pushing your body to its limits without causing any long term damage; one way to do this is by getting regular massages. Here are four benefits of massage if you’re hoping to improve your physical fitness:

1. Reduces muscle stiffness

Sore muscles are a sign of a great workout but they can really slow down your fitness progress; lifting weights isn’t as easy when your biceps are aching. However, it’s not surprising that famous athletes are regularly spotted on the masseuse’s table as a deep tissue massage can be beneficial for sore muscles, helping to smooth out any knots and increase the blood circulation around your body.

2. Quicker recovery after an injury

An intense workout puts a strain on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which can sometimes cause serious damage. A longer recovery period might be essential for more severe injuries or you could face long-term and permanent damage. A massage can eradicate lactic acid build up and prevent the formation of scar tissue on the muscle. After a massage, you will be up and ready to exercise in no time.

3. Increased flexibility

Without regular stretching, flexibility declines with age and can seriously impact our movement. Exercise alone might not be enough to restore flexibility, however, a massage can give muscles more elasticity making your stretching exercises easier. Massages could benefit dancers and gymnasts who are hoping to be as flexible as possible in competition but they could also help the elderly hoping to move more fluidly.

4. Mental benefits

Looking after your fitness and body is incredibly important but you shouldn’t neglect your mental health. When you’re on a fitness journey, it’s easy to be consumed by numbers and progress which can become incredibly stressful. A massage gives you a chance to switch off and relax instead of obsessing over your fitness goals.

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